On April 2, 1907, a small group of Norwegians of the Lutheran faith met to informally discuss a plan to organize a congregation.  Their meeting was attended by Pastor M.C. Stenson, whom they "borrowed" from Trinity church in Norden.   

On June 9, 1907, the meeting took place where the congregation was formally organized.  This cooperation in ministry required a grace-filled trust in God which would still be required throughout the life of the church.

On October 13, 1913, the congregation purchased the Baptist church, parsonage and property for the sum of $5,000.  The church now had a place where the people could sing of God's praises.

On March 12, 1940, after a gradual transition from Norwegian to English services, the congregation changed its name; "Mondovi Norwegian Lutheran Church" was not inclusive enough for people led by God's spirit and guided by His word.  The congregation heeded the call to outreach, and chose to identify itself as "Central Evangelical Lutheran Church".  

On October 27, 1957, in the 50th year of the congregation, the cornerstone for the parish hall was laid.  The church had experiences strong growth as it swelled from seven families in 1907 to 945 baptized members fifty years later.

On January 26, 1975, the congregation once again chose to move forward.  In response to the needs of the parish and the needs of the community, the membership authorized a building program which would address the needs of a changing community with a new worship center, offices and fellowship area.

On May 23, 1976 the dedication services for the new church were held.  Once the congregation started using the new facility, new possibilities of ministry were seen as the church bagan to use this new tool of ministry.

In November of 1983, Central and Modena Lutheran Church established a joint parish covenant which joined the two churches in a special ministry relationship.

In 1985 the bell tower was constructed to hold the bell saved from the old church.

In 2007 Central Lutheran Church celebrated 100 years of keeping Christ Central.  Our hope and prayer is that this story of keeping Christ central will reach beyond our walls to the community and to the world.  Our story is one that is to be sharerd.  Our legacy is not just to be remembered, but it is also to keep Christ central in the years, decades and centuries yet to come.