Welcome to Central Lutheran! Whether you’re new to the community or been here a long time, welcome! At Central we are open for in person worship.  Masks are optional for those who have been vaccinated.  We recommend social distancing for all non-related family or household members. 

It's been a long year this past year and we are emerging into a new post-pandemic world.  In this past year we grieve so many events and occasions that out of concern for each other we have had to cancel or postpone.  But no longer.  As time goes forward, we will continue to open even more and return to the life of God's people that we know and love.

May Central Lutheran, as the body of Christ, be your faith home.  A place to worship and be immersed in God's Word and to be joined together as God's people in the waters of baptism and the bread and wine of Holy Communion.

May Central be to you and yours a place to feel welcomed, to feel at home and to share in the joy of which is ours in Christ Jesus our Lord.  We're opne! Please feel welcome!

Pastor Rolf Morck

  September 2021  
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